Our beautiful range of Skin Care contains the finest Organic or Wild-crafted, 'medicinal quality' herbs available.

Based on a Naturopathic approach to Skin Care, Nutrient and Antioxidant rich to maintain a nourished and healthy skin. 

We have now launched our Moisturiser with Sunscreen SPF15

This product is both a Sunscreen and a Moisturiser, Organic, Wild-crafted, Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly.

Noosa Organic Skin Care is plant rich - brimming with antioxidants, essential fatty acids and soluble vitamins to nourish, enrich, soothe and protect the skin.

Some of our Customer Reviews

I have suffered from Seborrheic Dermatitis for the last 30 years and haven't been able to use any sort of moisturises or sunscreens without causing redness, dryness and itching. After trying the 'Noosa Organic Skin Care' range I have had no side effects. As I work for a boat hire business I need to be protected daily from the sun, so its great to have found a product I can use.

Andrew Feron. Lake Cooroibah, QLD

I've been using your moisturiser with sunscreen and I'm pleased to say that it seems to be fine for my very sensitive eyes. I'm so pleased to find a locally made, organic and safe product to use. It has a lovely subtle scent and goes on smoothly. Thanks!

Karen Shlegeris. Noosa, QLD

I use both products - the Noosa Organic Skin Care Moisturiser with Sunscreen SPF 15 and the Almond & Calendula Body Butter, I could not recommend them higher!
Both have the perfect consistency and are non greasy. The moisturiser with sunscreen is ideal for wearing under make up and the body butter is great after having a shower or sun exposure. The products leave your skin nurtured, soft and smelling delicious – they are perfect for the whole family and best of all, I feel comfortable using the Moisturiser with Sunscreen SPF15 on my children’s skin knowing it is safe for them to use!

Pamela. Noosa, QLD



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Noosa Organic Skin Care's Almond & Calendula Body Butter is such an amazing product. My husband recently spent time outside working, unfortunately getting sunburnt. We applied the Body Butter on his skin for a couple of nights as he was quite uncomfortable. His skin has healed beautifully with not a trace of peeling or redness, we so love this product.

Pamela B. Noosa. QLD